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Hey! I'm doing a series called Game Glitch, and I thought I'd post it here. If you like Glitches... And games, you've come to the right place.

Five Nights a Freddy's CD Cheat Codes - Game Glitch (VIDEO)

By Avery Miller → Saturday, September 12, 2015

(Video from
I'm game! Do my laundry, Robotic Butler!!
There's just one red flag...
Besides the above Vimeo video, and the list of @RobotButerInc's tweets, there's nothing explaining this 'RoboButler'.
Don't get me wrong; the video looks great, and so does the website, but there isn't any plain text explanation.
I can't find a 'parent' company, or how they're being funded, or anything that gives them credibility.
Besides that, this thing looks awesome!
All we've seen of this thing so far is the video above and the images from tweets by @RobotButlerInc.
Judging by the video, this thing looks premium- I'm talking solid gold watch premium.
Stay tuned! We'll see what else we can find out!

'The Robotic Butler' Looks AWESOME!

By Avery Miller → Thursday, November 6, 2014

After pouring content into social media, you get none of the profits- it goes to the website.
Tsu gives you (the person who makes the content) 90% of the profits (and the other 10% goes to powering Tsu). 
This isn't the first site to promise this, and I find that they are often 'scammy', or don't have quality content because people go there just to make money, but I think Tsu is different. 
It's very modern, and has a sorta Facebook-like feel.
I really like it, and, after all, I got an awesome username... @Miller.

Meet Tsu, The Social Network That Shares Its Revenue With You

By Avery Miller → Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Dang! Ello is almost a week old. Pff! I got to find another social network that doesn't have any ads and isn't currently selling my data away to advertisers!
Well, you're in luck; Owdy is basically a functioning parody of
Although they reserve the right to "replace [their] manifesto with one that says that advertising is a necessary evil", at the moment, they aren't selling your data.
Even if they were, I don't know how much data they could get...
At first, I was like "All you can do is create a profile [once you get the invite code].", but the creator of it pointed out that you "Friends friends or yourself, and talk about [Owdy] on Twitter, Facebook, etc."
"Not true - you and friends and friend yourself - and tweet about owdy, and facebook about owdy, and share owdy on ello, and link to it from your blog, and invite your friends, and other things that will generate postive PR for us!" -@RyanJones
I like it! After all, I got the @a username!

Find out more about Owdy at

Introducing Owdy: The Only Social Network Were You Can Friend Yourself

By Avery Miller → Sunday, October 5, 2014

I saw this video from on Google Plus Fr. Robert Ballecer, and had to share it. Weird, huh?

Video: Hey FedEx... What's Up With This?

By Avery Miller → Saturday, September 27, 2014

Ya! iOS 8 is here!

I'm not an Apple hater, but I feel like iOS 8 really doesn't have a lot of new features.
The main highlight is the new keyboard (QuickType)  and the fact you can now install third-party keyboards. The predictive text on QuickType looks cool, but I don't known how it compares to Android. But, once again, if you don't like QuickType, you can always add a new keyboard, like SwiftKey.

iOS 8 Is Here

By Avery Miller → Wednesday, September 17, 2014